Brightwater Green Burial Meadow is a natural meadow and it is important that visitors respect this is the reason why people chose this as a final resting place.

1. Cut flowers may be laid on graves without any wrappings or ribbons. We encourage visitors to lay hand tied flower bunches of more natural flowers.

2. No containers, artificial flowers, toys, stones, pebbles objects containing plastic, metal, oasis, photographs or the like are permitted in the burial meadow as these look unsightly and are a hazard to wildlife and maintenance staff. Christmas wreaths may only contain natural plant material.

3. No cultivation or reshaping or adornment of the grave plot is permitted.

4. No planting on the grave other than the native provenance wild flower seed, which is sown after the burial, and Snowdrops, native Narcissi and English Bluebells are allowed – provided they are supplied by Brightwater (FOC).

5. Only native trees of British provenance as selected from the recommended list may be planted on the site.

6. To ensure that mowing and other maintenance of burial ground can be carried out safely and without damage only the specified extra thickness plaque which is supplied by Brightwater Green Burial Meadow may be used to mark graves.

7. The walking of dogs, on mown paths is permitted provided they are on a lead and any dog fouling is removed.

8. The access paths will be mown regularly throughout the year. Grave and wild flower areas are cut in late Summer after flowering, (to benefit wildlife) at the discretion of the company.

9. We request that no flowers, balloons, ribbons or other items are tied to the tree or planting stake to avoid damage.

A copy of the terms and conditions is available with the application form.

We hope you will adhere to the burial meadow rules and respect and show consideration to others who wish the meadow to remain a natural place. The company reserves the right to remove and dispose of any items which contravene the rules.