The burial ground is laid out on a grid system to enable graves to be located at any time in the future and grave spaces to be reserved in any of the designated burial glades. The site is not consecrated but individual graves can be blessed before or during the burial ceremony.

Each grave is a single depth plot as shallower burials are better for the environment (adjacent plots can be reserved on request).

Graves are all hand prepared as great care is taken to ensure the minimum disturbance to the peace of the site.

Wherever possible remains should not be embalmed prior to burial. We request that the burial takes place in an all biodegradable coffin, casket, or shroud which are available from funeral directors or from a chosen supplier.
In keeping with the natural burial ethic only string (biodegradable) tied fresh flower sprays are allowed on the grave.

Following burial, each grave is sown with wildflower seed and a simple standard granite remembrance plaque recording the deceased’s name and dates may be placed at ground level.
Most funerals are arranged by a funeral director, however if a family wishes to make their own arrangements we are happy to discuss these.

Cremated Remains

These can be buried in the designated area in an individual purchased plot, or woodland area in a biodegradable urn, basket or box.