This natural burial meadow is adjacent to an existing area of old meadow and woodland which has a rich natural biodiversity. The surrounding land has been farmed by our family for 130 years.

Our mission – to create a haven of peace and beauty where the woodland and wildflower meadow will be a lasting feature in the landscape. The site has glades of native trees with open meadow which will enhance the already attractive landscape and improve habitat for birds and other wildlife. The meadow areas are maintained using traditional hay making techniques to encourage the establishment of wildflowers.

Wildlife – by creating a bio-diverse landscape we are encouraging a good balance of wildlife. The meadow and surrounding land is benefiting a range of species. The wildflowers, provide bees and butterflies and other insects with food. We are creating an ideal barn owl habitat. Our owl boxes provide perfect places to roost and rear young. Skylarks can frequently be heard high overhead, and the increasing biodiversity encourages many other bird species.

About Us

Chris Neave and Jonathan Cartwright have between them,over 50 years experience in farming, conservation and landscape work and also run the nearby BRIGHTWATER GARDENS in Saxby – which is an 8 acre garden with wildflower meadows and new woodland.