Can we hold a non religious service at Brightwater?
Yes, you have the service of your choice, either in our barn or just at the graveside. There are many celebrants who will create a beautiful service to celebrate the life of your loved one. If the family feel confident then you may conduct a service yourselves.

May we hold a church service and then come for burial?
Yes certainly and then your minister will take the committal at the graveside.

Can we bring the family dog?
Yes, we realise they are an important part of many families.

What do people usually wear?
Anything from a suit to jeans and t shirt, if it is wet weather stout shoes or boots are sometimes a good idea.

Can we take photos?
Please do, we encourage our families to consider doing this. The sight of the coffin is so beautiful and a photo will be a very special memento in years to come.

Are we allowed to bring flowers?
Yes, as long as the family haven’t requested “no flowers” or “family flowers only”

Do we have to use a funeral director?
The answer is no, but your loved one will need to be cared for between the time of death until the funeral. We can help and advise you on the procedure.

Can you recommend a funeral director?
We can advise you as to who has conducted funerals at Brightwater.

Do you have time limits on the length of the funeral?
Absolutely not, we don’t do “conveyor belt” funerals, usually only one per day.

What type of music can we have?
It is usual to play cds however we have had violins, accordions and even a small choir.

Can we choose the position of the grave?
Yes in most cases.

Is it possible to reserve the grave beside?
Certainly, it can be purchased.

Do we own the grave?
No just the exclusive right of burial.
The freehold is owned by the company Brightwater Landscapes Ltd. and J.Neave( Saxby) Ltd

Are there any ongoing charges or expenses?

Can we come back to visit?
You are most welcome between 8 am. to dusk daily.

Can we bring flowers when we visit?
We acknowledge that some people will feel the need to bring flowers, please see our terms and conditions.